Global SIP Trunking

Say goodbye to costly physical trunks and hello to improved performance.

Officially, the "SIP" in Global SIP Trunking stands for "Session Initiation Protocol." Unofficially, it stands for a smart way to reduce costs and lay the groundwork for Unified Communications.

  • Extend your capabilities easily with Sprint's scalable, flexible, congestion-free Global MPLS network
  • Utilize "virtual" trunks better by sharing them across time zones and locations
  • Unify your company's data, voice and video traffic over a single IP connection no matter the location or application
  • Integrate with Mobile Devices: VoIP can pass between PBX and mobiles as on-net traffic

Take advantage of the perfect network foundation, backed by our expertise.

Global SIP Trunking from Sprint leverages our award-winning, flexible and congestion-free Global MPLS network to your benefit.

  • True aggregation of network capabilities and the ability to burst up to 125% of contracted number of trunks during your business's high traffic times
  • Real-time Class of Service at no additional charge
  • Supports Toll-free for wireline & wireless so there are no additional charges for transfer/refer, redirect, ANI or DNIS
  • Minimizes total cost of ownership for your company by centralized trunking which reduces the total number of voice circuits needed and eliminates the cost of traditional voice equipment and services
  • No charges for calls between Sprint Global SIP Trunking customers and toll-free customers receiving calls from Sprint wireless callers do not pay in-bound toll usage

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