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Trends Converge to Drive Unified Communication Interest

on October 22, 2012 by Editor

In case you missed it – hey, you're busy people and you can't get around to reading everything – Sprint's own Mike Fitz sat down for an in-depth interview with the good folks at Business Solutions magazine. The topic was Unified Communications, and Mike, our wireline VP, had interesting things to say, as always.

You can check out the entire article, but to summarize, Mike pointed to three significant trends, all converging in such a way as to drive interest and investment in UC.

The first is mobility and its companion, the ability to make your data and your work capabilities mobile as well. If you can't do the work you need to do in the way you need to do it from anywhere, then you're really not as mobile as you think you are. Second, enterprise IT people are now concentrating on ways to support line-of-business activities in their organizations. As Mike explains, “That is leading them to look for outsourcing opportunities. which lend themselves well to services like UC.”

The third trend is the advancement and improvement of UC technology, especially in the form of hosted UC services, which can be leveraged by enterprises in ways that weren't possible until now. 

Mike also talked about the opportunity for VARs and managed service providers to deliver UC-as-a-service solutions to enterprises, since these types of channel partners are the focus of the magazine. He offered tips as to how they can make the case for UC to enterprise IT decision makers.

But Mike emphasized that UC to a large extent makes its own case, thanks to the productivity gains it enables. Remote work and wireless capabilities, he says, "are integrated into the core UC voice services. There is so much more productivity to be gained." He added that once a company gets trained and really makes use of its new UC tools, "they love it and don’t want to go back.”

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