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Sprint Complete Collaboration Arrives

on March 26, 2012 by Greg Burton

We told you back in January it was coming, and we are pleased to report that Sprint Complete Collaboration is here and immediately available. Our hosted and fully managed Unified Communications solution is now ready to deliver the seamless collaboration that can enhance the agility and boost the productivity of large and mid-sized enterprises.

Today's announcement of the availability of Sprint Complete Collaboration introduces a solution that bundles all the elements involved in deploying UC, such as SIP Trunking, integrated messaging, mobile integration, IP and video telephony, and lots more.

When we detailed Sprint Complete Collaboration in a post here earlier this year, one thing we didn't mention is the Cisco connection. Sprint Complete Collaboration is powered by a fully integrated Cisco HCS (Hosted Collaboration Solution) platform, providing a range of capabilities, from Cisco WebEx enhanced conferencing to Cisco Jabber on mobile phones and tablets.

Delivery over an all-IP network assures that Sprint Complete Collaboration provides the reliability and security vital to real-time UC and collaboration applications. It's worth noting that it is really the only hosted UC solution that offers both client and network-based mobile integration. This makes for a simplified yet richer mobile user experience, with network-based mobile integration extending PBX features to mobile devices. That is more than helpful when it comes to ensuring business continuity and disaster recovery.

As Mike Fitz, our VP of wireline, describes it, this is a "new way of thinking about employee collaboration in an increasingly mobile world," noting that it is the most comprehensive hosted and fully managed UC bundle that enables seamless collaboration for all employees.

Sprint Complete Collaboration is available in three packages that are priced per-user and highly scalable to adjust to changing business needs. There is the Voice-Centric package, targeting employees whose biggest needs are for voice call management and basic UC functions. Then there is the Standard package, providing all voice features plus enhanced collaboration through IM, presence, and desktop sharing. Finally, the Premium package is aimed at executives and/or mobile and remote employees. It has extensive voice features and collaboration tools, plus mobile presence and support for a wide range of user endpoints.

Each package includes a soft client with headset, video telephony, support for multiple devices. There are more options, too, such as desk and mobile devices and more robust conferencing services.

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